Connected We Stand Festival at ULB – 20 September 2019

The Connected We Stand International Festival took place at Free University of Brussels (ULB). Together with 60 volunteers and guests, the Rector of ULB Yvon Englert, the Mayor of Ixelles Christos Doulkeridis and the MEP Stelios Kympouropoulos have sent a strong message for the international peace day. Parts of the programme were streamed live in Greece, where the international peace day was celebrated in parallel by the Connect You City Athens and IASIS NGO. A strong peace message was also sent during the conference by the organizations Denis Mukwege Foundation, Amnesty International Francophone, Justice et Paix, BON Association for Integration, ULB Cooperation, RANA NGO and Citizens’ Support Platform for Refugees. A concert followed by the group Joyful Meeting and the DJs Nacho, Solid Smoke and Sheriff. 

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