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Mission, Vision, Values, Diversity & Inclusion

Connect Brussels (Connect Your City – Brussels ASBL) is a Belgian non-for-profit organization founded in 2019, member of Connect Your City (CYC) youth network.

Connect Brussels and CYC aim to give a new definition to the term “European cultural identity” via the creation of a youth European network. Living at a time of change, where culture and diversity are key elements of European society, we want to increase interaction and youth mobilization via the realization of multiple European projects where all cultural, social and ethnic identities are respected.

Our main activities include: Integration of socially vulnerable groups – Sustainable communities and active citizenship in local and European level – Climate change and recycling – Circular economy – Gender equality – Multiculturalism – Quality education – Mental health and wellbeing – Arts and Culture – Sports, among others.

Our vision is to become the main connection hub for European youth centers in Europe and contribute towards a more solidarious and united Europe, without stereotypes and equal rights to every culture and nation.

The mission of the organization is to connect and encourage European youth to participate actively in daily civil life through creative activities, activism and volunteering.

Our aim is to stimulate participation to the democratic political dialogue, empower the European identity through activities and reinforce a European youth culture that respect diversity, social pluralism and solidarity.

Our objective is to provide opportunities and motivate young adults in Brussels to develop and use their skills, express their inner dynamics creatively and mobilize themselves towards an active and integrated adult life.


Key actions

Networking, cultural events and personal development
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